Information technology is becoming an important competitive edge for both domestic and international Enterprises. The need for software products is ever increasing. Providing better product and service are both an opportunity and a responsibility for software industry. How to provide affordable, and better software is our commitment to partners and customers.  Standardizing the procurement process, providing transparent software product information will not only simplify the purchasing, improve efficiency, but also help the software developer to showcase their product and service, and reduce marketing / sales cost, increase overall revenue. Those will help the continuous growth of software industry. SAAS (Software As A service) is a key enabling technology to achieve those objectives. It will benefit both software suppliers and customers.  

2.Why EdenSoft

Eden Software is founded in 1995. We are a leading provider for IT and cloud solution. Headquartered in Shenzhen, we have offices in Guangzhou, Dongguan, Hongkong, and Silicon Valley in United States.  We have more than 20 years of experience serving thousands of customers. Our customers included manufacturing, financial services, real estate, education, healthcare, government and E-commerce. Our experience in software service and technology integration exceeds many of our competitors. In 2016, EdenSoft is listed in New Third Board Stock Exchange in China, Stock Code is 836441. 

3.Our Platform

       Eden SAAS platform is the first professional SaaS platform for product demonstration and transaction. We are dedicated to provide Software As A Service solution for many enterprise customers.  Our platform, is the leading edge cloud based software resource and service integration platform. From now on, with Eden’s SAAS platform, customers will no longer need large initial investment to reap the benefit of the latest IT technology and innovation. They can purchase software products based on usages, very much like how we pay for utility. Both domestic and international software suppliers, especially local small and medium sized software company, can also showcase their products on our platform, accessing a channel to reach thousands of customers. This will for sure enhance the growth of software industry, as well as the productivity of those benefiting enterprise customers. 
      Edensoft Shopping Mall, will be online at the same time. It is professionally designed for software developers and enterprise customers, providing a great platform for software product showcase and trading. It will standardize and automate the procurement of software product, taking the information technology service for enterprise customers to the next level. 

      In addition, Edensoft is not just a trade platform, we provide extensive integration and service to both software developer and enterprise customers. We pride ourselves to be the technology leader for software integration and deployment for both domestic and international software companies. We provide solutions to your technical challenges in the space of information technologies.  

4.Our advantages 

      We have more than twenty years of experience in software service and integration. We know the market needs and customer desires. Our help is the speedway to the targeted customers for your software products.
      Our engineering team is very strong, we are ready to partner with you both in front end sales and backend support. 
      Our resource offline will help the expansion of your product online, especially in technical support. 
      Eden Industrial Cloud Platform, and Eden Training will give you cross platform advertisement and expansion. 

      We have extensive customer service system. Our 24hr hotline will become your back office support to your customers.   

5.Join us

Join us if you are software developer and service provider!

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      Website: www.edensoft.com.cn
      Tel: +86-75588262588 (China)       +1 510-918-4127 (US)
      Mail: marketing1@edensoft.com.cn